Reel Manager

Project Details

Designed and developed web based application to manage and record reel usage. This app is designed so that users have an easy way to see what their reel usage is, recording the usage, and managing teams assigned to the reels. I designed mockups and built the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the application. I designed branding and logos for the application and lead presentations to the customers and stakeholders.

Key Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Creative Suite, User Personas, High Fidelity Mockups, Google Analytics, Responsive Design.

Role: UI Designer, Frontend Developer

User Research

In order to design and build the application so that it would be useful, I performed user research and built user personas for the application. By talking with linemen, inventory managers, and electrical contractors, I was able to gain insights into what their needs were for this application and what current pain points they have now.

Reels Persona

Designing Mockups in Photoshop and wireframes in Balsamiq

Using the requirements and data gathered from user interviews, I began designing high fidelity mockups in Photoshop. I then presented these mockups to stakeholders and customers to gather feedback. With the feedback, I put revisions into place and received final approval to build the application.

Reels Mockups


I took the mockups that I created and turned those into HTML, CSS, JS skeletons, from there I worked with a Coldfusion developer to get everything hooked up. Special attention was focused on the mobile and tablet experiences and multi-device support. I developed and designed the mobile and tablet experience so it would meet our customer's needs, including testing on multiple devices in all kinds of weather conditions, including bright sun, rain, and storms.

Reels Code
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