Anixter Power Solutions

Project Details

Designing and building an SSO (Single Sign On) application that offers document downloads and access to over 10 applications.

Key Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Creative Suite, Prototyping, High Fidelity Mockups.

Role: UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer, User Support, Account Setups.

Gathering Requirements

I met with key stakeholders and end users to gather requirements of what the site needed and what it didn't. There were a few critical parts that had to be included, such as an easy to use login form, contact form, and a better way to get support vs the existing site.

Once I had compiled the requirements together, I worked with a project manager to start whiteboarding the concept of what the site could be.

APS Requirements

Designing Wireframes

After I had the requirements and some rough whiteboard sketches, I then designed more robust wireframes for the homepage (logged out), homepage (Logged in), and wireframes for the mobile and tablet views. I presented these wireframes to the stakeholders and gathered feedback so that I could revisit and make revisions.

APS Wireframes

High Fidelity Mockups and Development

With the wireframes in a good spot, I then moved to creating high fidelity mockups to secure the final look and feel of the site. Once approved, I began development and worked along side .NET developers in building the site.

Post-launch, a renewed focus on accessibility resulted in changes making the site more compliant and continued to refine the user experience based off of feedback.

APS Mockup
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